Audiology at Greystones Eye Centre

Blackberry Hearing offers a Free hearing test in over 40 clinics including Greystones Eye Centre. The consultation is a full examination of your hearing health including a pure-tone hearing assessment, a visual examination of your ears, and a discussion with your Audiologist (BSc or MSc qualified). You will get an Audiogram (a chart of your hearing loss), a diagnosis, and you even get to try out the latest hearing technology, if you have hearing loss!

Blackberry hearing are avialble for consultation on Mondays 9am – 5pm at Greystones Eye Centre

Ireland’s only Google Reviews 5-Star Hearing Aid Provider!

Blackberry Hearing is an independently owned Irish company scoring 5 Stars out of 5 from nearly 130 customer reviews on Google! See hundreds of validated customers’ comments on our testimonial page including a link to independent Google reviews.

Call today on 01-6978470 and we will talk you through the entire process step by step, including a Free Hearing Consultation, hearing aid prices, the Government PRSI grant as well as finding a local clinic for you. We commit to providing you with the best possible hearing solution at the most affordable prices. If you are not fully happy, we give you your money back.

What happens on the day?

A member of teh Blackberry team will call you in advance to confirm your appointment & ask you a few short Covid-19 screening questions. One of their Audiologists will greet you at the clinic & ensure you are comfortable.

The Audiologist will perform an ear examination in order to physically examine the heath of your ears. Typically they look for injuries and/or abnormalities while examining the ear canal & drum. The Audiologists will use an otoscope to shine a light into your ear canal in order to fully examine the health of your ears.

The Audiologist will provide you with a headset to wear throughout the test. A series of sounds & frequencies are played in order to access your hearing levels. The hearing levels are recorded on a graph called an Audiogram. The audiogram analyses both the left & right ear in order to measure if there is any signs of hearing loss present.

If it is a case that the Audiologist recommends a hearing aid

They will:

  • Explain how the hearing aid works.
  • Provide you with a sample fitting.
  • Fully explain how the hearing aid could help with your hearing loss & quality of life. Blackberry hearing Audiologists are Master & Degree level qualified, this allows them to provide you with the best possible advice.

There is no obligation or pressure to purchase anything on the day.

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