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As the world’s leading manufacturer of precision optics, Zeiss optics combine technical expertise and innovative ideas into exceptional visual experiences. Prepare to be astounded by solutions that are much more than lenses!

Carl Zeiss Lenses 

Innovation is key

ZEISS is inherently curious and inventive, and continues challenging established conventions. Our innovations are sharply focused on the wishes and needs of real people. We provide relevant products with tangible benefits to the end user, which are easy to explain and easy to grasp.

Innovations like ZEISS UVProtect Technology, ZEISS DriveSafe Lenses, instruments and platforms such as the ZEISS i.Profilerplus and apps like “My Vision Profile” have received multiple awards – not only for design and technological excellence, but also for user-friendliness

Office Lenses

  • Office lenses allow the wearer greater freedom than a standard reading lens.
  • It is completely customisable to each individual.
  • It is available in 3 categories of design. Book 1 Meter, Near 2M or Room 4M
  • They can fit any sized frame or lens shape

Progressive SmartLife Individual 2

  • The SmartLife Individual 2 progressive lens is the greatest progressive lens ever made.
  • Age Intelligence – Takes into account the wearers pupil size funneling more light through the wearers pupil, enhancing vision. Smart Dynamic Optics – Measuring peoples dynamic visual behaviour Zeiss have further tailored this lens matching modern viewing patterns of today’s wearers.
  • It is completely customisable to each individual.

Drivesafe Lens

  • Designed for people who drive but work for every day tasks also.
  • Available in progressive and distance vision design.
  • It is completely customisable to each individual.
  • Drivesafe lenses have a 43% larger mid distance zone for easier focus from dash to distance.
  • They can fit any sized frame or lens shape.

UV Protect

  • Now every Carl Zeiss branded lens is 100% UV protected
  • Carl Zeiss is the first lens company to offer 100% UV protection across their whole lens catalogue.
  • For humans the eyelid region is the most common area for skin cancer (melanoma) to occur.
  • 1 In 5 spectacle lenses are fully UV Protected
  • UV damage cosmetically ages the skin around the eyes
  • UV is the greatest cause of cataracts.
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