The Etnia Barcelona brand was created in 2003 with the idea of being the most creative and colorful brand in the international optical industry, creating unique eyewear whose value lies in the design of its colors. When David Pellicer founded the company at 23, he created the fi rst color-based collection. This represented a complete break from the color scheme of the collections on the market, which at the time were only expressed by dark shades like black or brown.

He gradually began surrounding himself with a team of creative professionals and artists who endowed the brand with an identity that took creativity to the limit and was expressed by a radical color range, both in the collections and in the communication.

This first collection made an impact at the New York Expo, thus opening up the doors to major European markets. Little by little the brand was taking on a sense that was turning glasses into an instrument for expression. Dressing up faces with yellow or orange or purple glasses was more than the mere use of an accessory and was becoming a means of expression wedged between fashion and art.

The stylistic freedom that absorbed the philosophy implemented in the design team seemed limitless, and the brand’s independence compared to other fi rms was strengthened with each collection launch, creating a world apart.

The brand’s spirit refl ected a world which embraced all cultures, all races and all colors in existence and refl ected the variety of people and personalities from all over the globe.